Guide to sharing your bed with your dog

We love our fur kids so much so that we share everything with them, including our bed. There is nothing like snuggling up to your pup  and settling  down for a good night sleep. Unless your furry friend likes to sleep in weird positions that leave you too uncomfortable to sleep. So to all my sleep deprived pet parents, I present to you the ultimate guide to sharing your bed with your dog.

The Butterfly Affect

The Position: When your furry pal sleeps in-between your legs making your leg muscles stretch.
How to adapt: little did you know, your dog is actually helping you become more loose night after night. Eventually you’ll adjust to sleeping this way. Just make sure you have a comfortable pillow.

The Sleep Cap

The position: When your dog decides the top of your head is the best place for sleeping. This position is popular among toy breeds.
How  to adapt: Try sleeping on your back, you’ll sleep much better. Sleeping face up is good for your back and neck so embrace it.

Pup in the Middle

The position: When your pup decides that snuggling between you and your spouse is the best way to fall asleep.
How to adapt: As long as everyone stick to their side, everyone can sleep comfortably.

Lap Pooch

The position: When your pooch insist on laying across you.
How to adapt: Unfortunately if you have a large fur kid there isn’t much you can do but with smaller doggies you can use your pillow to prop up your back, relieving stress on your lower back.


The position: When your dog’s back is flushed against your stomach or vice versa.
How to adapt: with this you have freedom to turn if you like. Rub your pup’s belly or back gently to let him know you’re there.

The Parrot

Position: When your doggie snuggles on your shoulder.
How to adapt: Gently rest your chin on your dog’s side to create a warm pillow.

The Wrap

The position: your dog is all toasty wrapped in the blankets leaving you cold the rest of the night.
How to adapt: Keep a spare blanket within arms reach.

Doggie Bridge

The position: When your furry pal sleeps across your legs and your spouse’s.
How to adapt: Actually this is for your benefit, your dog wants to make sure your protected through the night.

The Fuzzy Sock

The position: Your pup sleeping on your feet.
How to adapt: Once again this is for your benefit. Your dog wants to make sure your feet are warm through out the night.


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