Story Behind National Dog Day

This past weekend everyone has been celebrating man’s best friend  for national dog day, but how many people know the story behind the day? Not very many, so I did some research and this is what I found.

About National Dog Day

Colleen Paige, animal advocate and pet/family lifestyle expert founded this glorious day back in 2004. She is also the founder of National Puppy day, Cat day, and Mutt day. The purpose of these days is to encourage people to adopt fur babies since they have so much love to give but no where to call home. But the other purpose of National Dog day is to celebrate all dogs regardless of breed. It’s away to show how appreciative we are of them. Not just our own fur kids but the dogs in the military and law enforcement. These dogs put their lives on the line for us everyday. And lets not forget the dogs that saves lives by sniffing out cancer and seizures.

Why August 26th?

This date is a very special day for Colleen because this is the date when she adopted her first dog at the age of 10, thus she picked August 26th to celebrate National Dog Day.

Against “Breed Ban”

National Dog Day is also against any “breed banning” meaning that mutts shouldn’t be an afterthought or not thought of at all because they’re not pure breeds when it come to adopting or showing appreciation. Yes, potential adopters have the right to take home a pure breed, but mutts shouldn’t be push to the side either.  Unfortunately a lot dogs get put down because they’re not pure breeds, which is sad because those dogs have just a much love to give. So if you’re thinking about adopting consider a mutt!

Fun ways to celebrate

Now that you know the story behind National Dog day, here are some ideas to celebrate the day. Yes, I know the day has already passed but why wait for August 26th roll around again when we can celebrate doggies everyday!

  1. Adopt a pup from your local shelter or volunteer at one.
  2. Donate to local animal shelters
  3. Write to your congressmen to ban puppy mills and gas chambers.
  4. Hire a professional dog walker for when you’re at work.
  5. Send a dog related gift to that special dog lover in your life.
  6. Throw a party and invite all your friends and your dog’s friends.
  7. Spend the day with your fur kid, dress up and take selfies.
  8. Purchase a National Dog Day a tee and wear it proudly.
  9. Help the elderly/ill neighbor by walking his dog.
  10. Have a portrait of your dog painted, so you’ll always have that memory.
  11. Take your pup shopping for some new toys or outfits.
  12. Give your dog a spa day.
  13. Teach Fido a new trick.
  14. Update your dog’s tags, leash and collar.
  15. Hire a professional photographer for a fun photo shoot.
  16. Take a trip together.

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