Update on Jerky Treat Investigation


Since 2007 over 5,000 pet parents have been complaining that their pets have been horribly sick or even died after consuming the jerky treats made from China. Over the years that number has rose to over 6,000 and the FDA have been investigating the problem . They have recently released an update, disclosing that after testing the jerky treats some have traces of antimicrobial and antiviral residues in the duck flavor treats.

As a result the FDA has revised the existing alert to contain only certain poultry flavors. The FDA continues with its investigation and caution pet parents with purchasing jerky treats. These treats are not part of your pet’s balanced diet thus isn’t mandatory to buy. However if you have continued to purchase jerky treats through out the years, and your pet seems ill report it to your vet and your local FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator.

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