Keeping your pets hydrated this summer

New Orleans summers can be hotter than a steamy pot of gumbo so it’s very important to keep your fur babies hydrated. As always NOLAs Finest Pet Care have you covered with the best tips to keep your pet hydrated.

Hydration Tips

  • Always make sure your pet’s water dish is clean. bowls should be washed daily to kill any bacteria that your fur baby leaves from their salvia, This is especially the case with dogs.
  • Purchase a dish that isn’t easy for your pet to knock over.
  • The bowl should be large enough to where your pet has enough water till you get home from work but not too large, Don’t want your pet to drown
  • The toilet bowl isn’t a water dish, I repeat the toilet bowl isn’t a water dish. Allowing your pet to do so is very unsanitary and can cause health problems.
  • After walks make sure your dog have cool water. If playing at the park make sure to bring a travel dish. On really hot days cut walks and outdoor play short to prevent overheating.
  • If you work long hours consider a professional pet sitter like us, NOLAs Finest Pet Care. to make sure your pet has cool water & plenty of cuddles while you’re working.


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