Would You Use a Virtual Vet?

Have you ever considered the idea of a virtual veterinarian? What would that be like? Could it work in our society? Given how far we have advanced with our technology there is a such a thing called telemedicine. Don’t feel bad it you haven’t heard of  telemedicine, it’s still kind of a new concept for the healthcare  field. So far it has worked well in the medical practice for humans, so some vets are getting on the band wagon.

What is Telemedicine?

Simply put, it’s basically a Skype session with your dog’s vet. Telemedicine provides an easy way to take care of your pet’s health with out stepping foot in a Doctor’s office or taking the time of booking an appointment and spending your morning in a waiting room.

How Would a Telemedicine Session Work?

Most things would be discussed or done at a traditional office  would all happen at your home in front of a computer or tablet with your doggie present. Whatever testing or meds that would need to be done would be sent to your home in a kit. That you administer yourself with the assistance of an virtual vet. Any test results would be emailed or mailed to you as well.

The Pros and Cons

The idea of a virtual vet sounds good but is it practical?


  • No commute– Not having to sit in traffic would probably make a lot of people consider this idea, especially if your elderly, disabled, or don’t have access to a car.
  • Rural area– For those that don’t live in the city, the Telemedicine would save them a lot of traveling time. plus gives the Rural pet parent more vet options.
  • NO waiting- Instead of waiting, you’ll be seen by the vet instantly.
  • Instant results: Once again no wait time.
  • Medical Records: can all be viewed by logging in and sent to any vet in the network with out leaving your sofa. Getting a second opinion is just as fast and easy. This method would also save money in postage stamps.
  • Confidentiality: personal information is safe and secure with Telemedicine


  • Technical difficulties– If there is glitch at any point, Telemedicine may not work properly. Especially if you’re using an older computer model.
  • Lack of psychical interaction– If you don’t verbalize properly what issues your dog is experiencing. The vet may prescribe the wrong medicine. Because the virtual vet can’t physically feel or touch your pet to know for certain.
  • Limited services. Unfortunately, some procedures such as surgeries cannot be done online and will result in a physical vet visit.
  • Privacy concerns: Even though the system is confidential, there is still a risk of your session or personal information being hacked into.

What are your thoughts?

Would you stick with traditional pet healthcare or would you consider virtual healthcare?