Top breeds for apartment living

There’s a lot of pros to apartment living but space or having a yard may not be one of them. So when it comes to adopting a doggie, think small!

Yorkshire Terrier

  • Weight: 6-7lbs
  • Personality: quiet, loves to cuddles, and adapts to new people/situations

Boston Terrier

  • Weight: 10-25lbs
  • Personality: doesn’t bark much, but is pretty clever which can get him in trouble sometimes.
  • Energy: moderate

Chinese Crested

  • Weight: 5-12lbs
  • Personality: Very laid back, this breed is perfect for the lazy pet parent.

Bichon Frise (think mini poodle)

  • Weight: 7-12lbs
  • Personality: Very energetic, so walks are necessary. This breed will only bark when someone is at your door. Oh did I mention pampering is expected from this pooch.


  • Weight: 14-18lbs
  • Personality: laid back and fun but will need daily exercise. short walks are good enough.


  • Weight: 2-6lbs literally can fit in your purse or man bag.
  • Personality: affectionate, fun, feisty and likes to chatter a lot. So you may need training to curve the barking.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  • Weight: 13-18lbs
  • Personality: Friendly and calm

Shih Tzu

  • Weight: 8-16lbs
  • Personality: not high in energy but loves to be pampered. Oh and grooming is required.

English Bull Dog

  • Weight: 49-51 lbs
  • Personality: prefers to hang out on the couch than at the dog park but is very lovable and drools a good bit.

Great Dane

ok so this breed can weigh up to 130lbs but is more of couch potato. So this dog may take up a lot of space on sofa but not your apartment.