Traveling with pets

Traveling with pets

Once again its the holiday season, you know that time when your running around like a crazy a person to round up the family, all the cooking prep, shopping and the best part of all the really long lines. Along with this a lot of pet parents travel too and because Fido is part of the family he’s sitting in the back seat with the kids howling holiday music along with you. Fun times right?! But do you know the proper way to travel with your pup? This holiday season my gift to you is the Pet Traveling check list, information you should know before hitting the road.

Pet Id and Paperwork

Yes, pets have i.d and important documents like humans. In order to keep everything merry and bright during your trip make sure your pets have all their updated identification and documents to avoid any hiccups of missing a pet.

  • Vet info- always have this info in your phone in case of an emergency.
  • Dog tag– make sure your pup is always wearing their tag with your updated contact info on it. Can you clearly read what is on the tag? if no, then others can’t either if Fido get lost, so buy a new one
  • Proof of updated shots– this is definitely needed if you plan on staying at a hotel or lodge while traveling. No one is going to take your word that your dog hasbhad his shots recently and if they do, you should be worried about staying there.

tip: Purchase tags in pairs that way when the first one becomes to old to read you’ll already have a back-up on hand

tip: Before booking a room, you may want to check out the hotel’s pet policy. Every hotel has different restrictions and some may not even accept pets. 

Safety First

  • No roaming– For the same reasons children aren’t allow to roam and jump around in a moving car. Your pet should always be in a crate that is size appropriate or in a pet booster seat.
  • Dogs can’t call shotgun–  For safety reasons its best for Fido to sit in the backseat.
  • Don’t leave Fido in car alone– It doesn’t matter if you’re just going to be two seconds. In reality it’s never just two seconds and the time you take is more than enough  for Fido to freeze or dehydrate depending on outside temperature  There is also a lot of dognappers out there too.
  • Keep heads in the vehicle at all times– You may think that Fido is having the time of his life while the wind blows through his fur but the reality is its just harmful. Think about the reasons why you don’t allow your kid to stick his out the window and apply it to your pet.
  • Potty breaks– Unless you’re traveling to Baton Rouge from New Orleans, you must allow your fur baby to use the bathroom and stretch his legs when needed.

tip: your dog is in unfamiliar area, so always have his leash on when walking. 


  • Brachycephalic- a fancy medical word that means breeds with short snouts such as pugs shouldn’t be on a plane at all. The high altitude deprives these breeds of oxygen and can suffer from a heat stroke, So it’s best to avoid flying with your pup.
  • First class – A lot of airlines are pet friendly and therefore you can sit next to your fur baby. However you must read up on the pet restrictions before boarding.
  • Airport security– With the proper harness your dog can walk through the screening with you.

tip- If your dog has to travel cargo try to get  direct flights so Fido won’t get lost during transfers or delays

tip- If you happen to travel to Hawaii, this state is free of rabies and therefore  take their import regulations very serious. If you don’t follow Hawaii’s 5 days or less program, Fido may be quarantine up to 120 days at your expense.

Traveling outside the country

Every country has different pet policies therefore you must do your research before hand. The International Animal  Export website is a good place to start but you will need to check often as the rules changes frequently.

tip- Even though your pet is an American citizen, Fido will be treated “foreign” upon return to the U.S. Your vet can help guide you through the process before leaving.

Book your pet’s staycation

Some pets have a lot of anxiety with traveling and the weather condition can make an older pet with arthritis feel miserable. The best solution is hiring a professional pet sitter. A pet sitter will allow you  to leave your pet at home where he or she is most comfortable. Contact us below to book your pet’s staycation with us, NOLAs Finest Pet Care.