What NOT to do to your dog: Time to ditch these bad habits

 A few days ago I wrote a blog on the top things NOT to do to your cat, so of course we can’t leave out the doggies. Here are the top things you shouldn’t do to your dog.
7. Using crating as punishment– Fido is misbehaving and at the moment it seems like a good idea to put him in his crate. But it’s actually a bad idea because your teaching your pup that the crate is a bad place instead of a safe haven.
6. Skipping on vet visits– A lot of pet parents believe they can self-diagnose and treat their pet. Always discuss with your vet first!
5. Ignoring dental care– Imagine how many health problems you would have if you went years with our brushing, same applies to your pet. Besides tooth extractions aren’t cheap either. Daily/weekly brushing will do a lot of good.
tip: never use human toothpaste because your pup doesn’t know to spit and toothpaste has harmful side affects when swallowed.
4. Hit/yell at your dog– Just like kids, pets can do things to upset you BUT that’s no excuse. Remember, pets don’t purposely exhibit bad behavior. They make mistakes too.
3. Assume Fido doesn’t have feelingsJust because your pet can’t verbalize their feelings doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any or doesn’t understand. Dogs experience all the feelings we do, pets express it in different ways. Further more they understand our feelings and sympathize. Think about the last time you were sad about something and your pet came and cuddled up to you, that act of care and love wasn’t a coincident.
tip: this also applies to cats too. 
2. Force your dog to live outside– There’s nothing wrong with allowing your doggie to play in the yard supervised but keeping him out 24/7 is just wrong. Pets are family members and should be treated as such. If you wouldn’t let your kids live in the yard, why is it ok for your dog?
tip: domestic dogs do not have survival skills like wild wolves!
1. Leaving your dog alone in the car– Especially in the south like New Orleans, it doesn’t matter how cool it is outside its much warmer in your car and the temperature rises quickly. In such conditions your pet can become seriously ill or even die. If you happen to live up north where it snows, don’t think you’re off the hook with this one. Your pet can develop frost bite or freeze to death. Dogs left alone in cars are all targets for criminals.