Why Do Dogs Roll in The Grass?

So you’re walking your precious fur baby and at some point he or she decides to stop for a roll in the grass break. As you watch your dog happily roll around in the lush grass with out any cares in the world as if you have no where to be, you start to wonder why is my dog doing this to begin with? Well, thanks to expert vets and scientist here are the top reasons.

Wolf Ancestors

Some scientist believe that the urge to “roll” is  inherited from their wolf ancestors. When a wolf finds a scent he or she wants to share with the pack, the wolf will try to transfer the scent to itself by rolling around in the area. Once the others get a good sniff they can trace the scent back to its origin.

Fluffy dislikes that fruity shampoo

Once you realize that Fluffy have over 220 million smell receptors in their nose vs. the average human that only has 5 million, its easy to understand why your dog may not want to smell like a smoothie or a cupcake. However, every pup is different so there may be a shampoo or perfume out there that you both love.

Itchy Much?

Rolling around in the grass can be a indication that your canine have a bad itch that he or she cannot reach with their hind legs. This itch may be the result of a flea bite or a allergic reaction to something. Either way you should take your dog to the vet to make sure.


Some experts believe that this can be a sign of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). A particular smell in the grass entices your pup to roll around in it. The best way to break your dog’s habit is to keep Fluffy entertained and reward with treats. When it looks like your dog is about to roll, quickly call them to your side or keep walking.

Is It So Bad to Let Fluffy Roll Around?

The act of your dog rolling around in the grass is really innocent and may be  a Zen like moment for your pet, however the grass can mask some harmful material for your fur baby. Grass can house a lot of fleas, ticks, parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Not to mention man made chemicals  such as pesticides and herbicides that are very toxic.