Canine Influenza aka Doggie Flu

So how concerned should you be about your fur baby? Well here’s the facts.

How will it affect Fido?

  • Cough lasting up 21 days
  • Discharge of the nose
  • Mild fever
  • Pneumonia (extreme cases)

Is it contagious?

Very! If your pup is exposed to the virus they will catch it. There isn’t a particular season for doggie flu, so Fido can catch the flu at any point through out the year. Fortunately, dogs cant spread the virus to humans.

Should Fido get vaccinated?

In late 2015 the USDA approved two pharmaceutical companies to market a vaccine.  The vaccine wont prevent the virus but it will reduce the symptoms and spreading the virus. Before deciding, you should weigh out the pros and cons with your vet.


You cannot diagnose based on the symptoms alone, your vet need to perform many blood tests and nasal swabs first in order to determine if your fur baby has the flu.