Signs your cat has accepted you into their inner circle

Sign#1 Forehead bunting

is when your cat bumps his forehead with yours, this means that your cat trust you and adore spending time with you.

Sign#2 Purr Power

This one is a no brainer, your feline is expressing how content she is to be around you. The louder the purr is the happier she is.

Sign#3 Belly Rub

When a cat lets you rub their belly, you’ve reached the ultimate level of trust. This is a big deal,  so what ever you do never lose kitty’s trust.

Sign#4 Twitch of the Tail

Cats can express a lot of emotions with their tail, but when the tip of Whisker’s tail starts to twitch that’s his way of saying “I love you”.

Sign#5 Marching (Kneading)

this may hurt a bit but its worth it when you know that the reason behind it is to cuddle next to you.

Sign#6 Attention Purrlease

That moment when you’re trying to get some work done but  for the next 20mins your cat insist on being the center of attention.

Sign#7 Gift Giver

Before getting upset over the half dead bird your cat lovingly left at your feet, remember that your cat is showing appreciation for all the things that you do. So give Whiskers a hug and discard the bird when he isn’t looking.

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