Canine Separation Anxiety

Canine separation anxiety is normal for dogs every time you have to leave but its very stressful for Fido and can lead to negative behavior. Fortunately there are ways to help Fido.

Anxiety Symptoms

  • Whining
  • Barking
  • House soiling
  • Depression
  • Hiding
  • Not eating
  • Destructive (tearing up clothes/furniture)

tip- if your pet is soiling your home a good bit, consult with vet to make sure it isn’t other health issues.

How to eliminate anxiety

  • In-home pet care service- hire a pro (like us) to spend time with your fur baby when you can’t be home.
  • Adopt- If you only have one furry kid, consider adopting another to keep him/her company but only if you can afford another mouth to feed.
  • Keep him comfy- rotate toys so he’ll have some busy work and throw in a treat dispenser to give him something to look forward to through the day.
  • Call home- leave a voice message on your answering machine to your pooch, hearing your voice will brighten his day.

tip: if you’re interested in learning more about how NOLAs Finest Pet Care can help your canine with separation anxiety, leave us a message below.


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