Ways to pamper your dog on a budget

Our pets are practically like our kids but with four legs, a tail and can’t be claimed on your taxes! But needless to say you love them to death and would do anything for them. What is a pet parent to do when your budget doesn’t match up with how much you want to spoil them?

Budget Friendly Pampering:

Spa day at home:

Yes, those local boutiques are pawmazing and can make any pooch feel like a million dollar celeb, but when it’s not in the budget get creative. Use Pintrest for inspiration. Make taking a bath fun and relaxing for your pooch. Don’t forget to give your pooch a massage too!

5-star dinning:

Pull out your apron and get  cooking! On Amazon you can find many pet cook books  for $15. Plus if you have “Prime” shipping is free. Another option is Barnes & Nobles, again $15 or less. Etsy is a great place to get fancy dishes for an affordable price $30 or less.

Clothing and toys:

For those that have a knack for sewing you can create many cute toys and pieces of clothing with materials around your house, but if this isn’t the case, Etsy and Amazon offers cute clothing with prices of $12 or less. For toys, Bark box is the best way to go. Your fur baby will really feel spoiled getting a box of toys and treats every month for a low $29 charged monthly.


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