Tips to keep the kibble fresh

Something that doesn’t really cross our minds much, we buy the food and scoop in their bowls when fuzzy is hungry. But how you store their food is important for your fur baby’s health and if he’ll even eat it.

Dry Food Storage

  • Should be stored in a glass or plastic container in a cool dry spot. When left in the original bag in can go stale quicker unless the bag is a ziplock seal.
  •  With ziplock seal bag, make sure all the air is out before sealing.
  • All the kibble should be eaten within a 6weeks of opening the bag or by the best by date, which ever is the soonest.
  • Know how much your pet eat, this will determine the size of bag you should purchase.
  • Dry food shouldn’t sit out in the bowl for no longer than 24 hours.
  • Dish should be washed at least once a week.



Wet Food Storage

  • Un-opened cans can stay fresh for years, however this doesn’t mean to overstock on cans.
  • Only use cans till the fresh by date
  • Open canned food should be refrigerated for only a day or so.
  • Store in a small glass or plastic container
  • Leftovers in the bowl should be thrown out within a few hours
  • Wet food dishes should be washed after every meal.