Crazy Facts about Ticks & Fleas


Say What??? I bet you didn’t know this about fleas and ticks

If this doesn’t motivate you to keep up with your pet’s preventives, nothing will!



#1  A single female can lay 20 eggs per day. Half of her eggs will be female which means in 60 days you’ll have an infestation of over 20K fleas

#2 The average height a flea  jump is similar to a human jumping over a 30 story building.

#3 When jumping a flea accelerates faster than a space shuttle.

#4 If a flea could use they could trace their family tree back 165 million years ago.

#5 During the Jurassic period, fleas were seriously bigger compare to now and fed on the dinos.

#6 Fleas can survive the coldest winter if they can find a warm place to snuggle. So pretty much your bed, home, sock drawer etc.


#1 Are related to spiders and scorpions.

#2 Doesn’t fly, jump, or fall from trees. Instead they crawl on their host.

#3 A tick’s saliva is used as cement to make it harder for it to be removed from host.

#4 Over 850 different kinds of ticks exist in the world.

#5 Humans and pets can develop a rare allergy from eating red meat that was the host of a lone star tick.