Picking the right vet

A lot of pet parents make the mistake of randomly picking a vet as if you’re randomly picking a number between 1 and 10. However, there are some factors to consider since your vet has to be the perfect match for you and your pet. If you don’t have a clue as to where to start on finding the purrrfect vet, NOLAs Finest Pet Care has your back with the following tips.



Don’t put all your eggs in one basket by relying on a Yelp review. Consult with  pet parents in your life whom you value their opinions.

Call the vet office

When inquiring, take note of how friendly the receptionist is or how long it took for someone to answer the phone. Better yet if you actually go to the office you can actually observe how nice and helpful the staff is.

tip: How easy is it to schedule a appointment or get basic information? If it’s like pulling teeth,  that’s a huge red flag.

What does the vet specialize in?

For example, since I have cats I purposely picked The Cat Practice because their specialty is cats only. When it comes to check-ups and their knowledge on felines I feel that it surpasses the vets that accept all kinds of pets. However, your specialty  maybe different  based on  breed or health concerns.

What’s your Philosophy

Since your vet will be the person you will be collaborating with for the rest of your pet’s life, it’s very important to have a vet that is liked-minded or respects your thoughts when it comes to hot topics like serious illnesses such as cancer or other important decisions.


Another factor to consider is which vet can you afford? Calculate how often does your pet need a vet visit and include emergency visits (because life is unpredictable).  Can you come out of pocket for every vet visit or need  a vet that has the option of paying monthly installments?

tip: Pet insurance is real and can make the vet more affordable. Check with your current insurance provider, they may offer pet insurance for a low rate. Another option is Care Credit, this can be used for both pets and people but of course you need good credit.

Hours of operation

If the vet’s business hours conflict with your schedule this could be a deal breaker unless you hire professionals like us, NOLAs Finest Pet Care to transport your fur baby to and from. Another important piece of information you should know is their emergency hours or if  ER is even provided. If not, you will need to find a nearby pet emergency room before a emergency transpires.


Wouldn’t it be nice to get to your vet with out dealing with traffic or  having to drive? This is a really good thing when it comes to emergencies as well.

Getting a 2nd opinion

Your fur baby is your world, so even if you found your go to vet, having a second opinion won’t hurt when it comes to serious diagnosis or surgeries.