Dogs Suffer from Acid Reflux too

Gastroesophageal Reflux

Is an uncontrollable reverse flow of intestinal and gastric fluids. The stomach acids causes damage to the protective lining in the throat, which causes the burning sensation. It’s common for dogs at any age to experience acid reflux. However younger pups are at risk more.


The burning sensation may cause the following behaviors:

  • spitting up of food
  • signs of being in pain
  • whining/howling while swallowing
  • not eating
  • weight loss
  • Severe cases may include fever and extreme salvation

Possible Causes

  • Failing to make sure your pup has fasted prior to undergoing anesthesia
  • Pup isn’t properly positioned while under anesthesia
  • Your fur baby may be born with this condition


Consulting with your vet of course, more than likely he or she may prescribe medication. Another option is changing your fur baby’s diet to low-fat and low- protein. Also give your pet smaller meals.

tip: Speak with your vet before changing Fido’s diet.