What causes bad breath in pets?

You love your fur baby but not their funky breath (halitosis)! There’s a lot of ways to get rid of bad breath but knowing the cause can help narrow down your options.

What cause bad breath?

Most of the time it’s just build up bacteria and plague found in 85% of pet’s mouths.  When untreated the smell becomes worse but can easily be taken care of with the proper dental care regiment.

Health Issues

Infections of the throat or mouth can also be the culprit or fungal growth, Health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and kidney problems can also cause halitosis. If you suspect this is the case, schedule a appointment with your vet to have blood work done.

Other Causes

Other causes can simply be your pet’s diet or from eating poop (coprophagia). If your pet’s breath  is strong enough to the point where it’s bothering you, then you should call your vet. On the upside most cause of  halitosis are treatable.