Who’s Walking Who? Leash Training 101

Some dogs are able to leash train themselves, so going for walks are no issues. You can put on the leash and go. But for some pet parents this isn’t the case at all. If your pup is walking you, teaching your fur baby how to nicely walk next to you is mandatory. If you’re experiencing this issue and  don’t have a clue on how to leash train, here are some tips below.

Walking Behavior

Teaching your dog how to walk properly is very important and can save your fur baby’s life and/or other’s life. Being leash trained isn’t about looking great at the dog park and doesn’t have anything to do with size. Small dogs can be just as troubling as larger breeds. These tips are also helpful to pet parents that have dogs that walk well on a leash until they see a cat or squirrel.

  • Reward for good behavior  (tasty treats like boiled chicken)
  • Play the following me game, when walking take a few steps back and if your dog turns to follow, praise with treats and in a good tone say “yes good boy/girl”
  • When your dog looks at you, as if to say what’s next? Reward with treat.
  • Reward every 4-5 steps for good behavior.
  • Once your dog catches on, space out the rewards until you don’t have to

If the above tips doesn’t work for your pup, use a harness to prevent choking or breaking free of leash regardless of size. When all else fails or you just don’t have the time hire a professional dog trainer.

Keep in mind that leashing training doesn’t happen over night.