Is that dog breeder legit?

If you’re part of  an active social circle where getting the best referral is only a phone call away then you’ll be adopting your new fur baby in no time. However if  getting a good referral is easier said than done, continue reading.


A legit breeder will demonstrate the following traits:
  • Facility is clean and welcome customers to visit
  • Puppies are clean, happy, and healthy
  • Facility has more than enough space for dogs to play and stretch legs
  • Breeds only a few types of dogs
  • Very knowledgeable
  • Meets psychical & psychological needs of pups
  • Doesn’t always have dogs available
  • Has a strong relationship with local veterinarians
  • Provide references from other families
  • Provide care guidance & training
  • Member of local or national clubs for breeders
  • Explains any possible breed specific health problems
  • Meets with all customers before giving puppy away
  • Provides contract and allows you time to read & answer questions
  • Doesn’t require you to use their vet

 Required from you

A professional will want to know the following from you:

  • Reason you want to adopt
  • Who will be caring for the dog
  • Proof of your vet
  • Proof from landlord that your apt is pet friendly
  • Agree to spay/neuter by signing contract
  • Agree to return pup if you no longer have the ability to properly care for pet by signing a contract