Top reasons Whiskers is peeing in your bed

Ok, so this is a normal issue that all cat parents will deal with at some point or another. Note that just because Whiskers is urinating on your furniture doesn’t mean he is seeking revenge because his food dish wasn’t completely full or a serious medical condition.

Litter box

The problem can be something simple as Whiskers doesn’t like his box. Analyze this from your cat’s perspective, if you were Whiskers what would be a feature that turns you off? Is it the hood that’s making the box too dark and trapping odors inside? Or the box itself is to small to use comfortably?

tip: avoid using plastic liners, their claws get caught while digging.


You may enjoy the scent of litter in springtime but if it’s making your kitty want to gag, then its a no go. You may have to do a couple of trial and errors to find the right one you both are satisfy with.


The location of your litter box is really important! Find a low traffic quiet area in your home that your cat can easily access.

Scooping often

Cats are really clean creatures and expect their potty to be just as clean. Depending on how many cats your have, you may need to scoop 3 times or more a day. Multi cat households may need more than one box to accommodate. With a busy schedule this may seem impossible but professionals like us, NOLAs Finest Pet Care makes it possible!

Huge Change

Did something recently change in your household? Like working longer hours, moved, family member left or joined the household? Any major change within your home could be the culprit that requires you to help your kitty feel comfortable with the new change.


Older pets sometimes battle with arthritis, so accessibility is very important. Keep a box in a area your cat mostly hangs out. If you have a 2story home consider a box on booth floors. Also if you notice that your cat has to jump to get in and out, this is a sign that the sides maybe to high. A lower sided box would be much easier on your cat’s joints.

tip: When every thing has failed, consult with your vet. It could be a sign of medical issues.



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