Tips to stop puppy chewing

So, your new puppy is eating you out of house and home, literally! No worries, with these pawesome tips to curve those bad puppy habits you won’t have to choose between your fur baby and your stuff.

Supervision is key

Just like with a two-legged baby, furry babies need to be supervised otherwise your pup will get into everything that you don’t want him to. When you want to relax and check Facebook for the 10th time, position yourself where you have a view of the whole room and use a baby gate to block the entrance.

And then there’s boredom….

Being bored can lead to doing a lot of dumb and regrettable things, we all can relate. It’s the same with dogs except they may consider it exploring. Therefore its important to entertain your doggie, this can be something as simple as going for a walk or playing fetch. As far as those 40 hours a week that you have to be at work, you may want to consider a professional dog walker. A crate can be used as well but not for long-term.

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Ok, so you may not be able to move your sofa out of doggie’s reach, but those designer shoes, umm yea!! keep those on the top shelf. No need for your sexy pumps to suffer.

Chew Toys

Purchase dog friendly  toys to help distract your pup from chewing other things. Avoid using old shoes or other clothes that you no longer use as a toy because you’re now confusing your pup with what is ok to chew on and what’s not. You cannot expect your fur baby to figure out which shoes are ok to chew on.

Turn on your disapproving parent voice

When you catch your 4-legged baby in the act, pretend you’re dealing with a two year old. Yelling and hitting is just plain wrong and will not solve anything. In a firm voice say “no” and give him his toy and say this is ok to chew. Time out in the crate isn’t an option either, Fido will associate his crate with punishment, so when you go off to work or run errands and you put him in the crate he will feel like he did something wrong.

tip: chewing is a bad habit your dog will eventually grow out of, these tips may help  speed up the process.


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