Why senior pets are the best thing since slice bread

Don’t get me wrong, kittens and puppies are hard to resist. Those big wide eyes full of curiosity and the cute baby sounds are the best. But this isn’t a reason to ignore senior pets, they’re just as cute and have a lot of love to offer. So let’s get to it.

Reasons to adopt a senior pet

Reason#1 Most seniors are already trained

Think about it, life isn’t complete with out a furry companion but you work 40hrs a week and may even have a family to care for. There is not enough room in your schedule for potty training 101 but with a senior pet they’ll automatically know where to go as soon as you get home.

Reason#2 You know what you’re getting into

With puppies and kittens its hard to tell if your personalities will mesh since they are so young but with mature pets their personalities are more stable, so you know right away if it’s a perfect match.

Reason#3 Very patient

Something to consider if you don’t care for  hyper dogs jumping up on you and possibly knocking you down. Especially if you have young children.

Reason#4 Older pets still have fun

A misconception with older pets is that they’re not fun anymore and just sleep all day. This isn’t true at all, regardless of age cats and dogs love to run and play as long as their healthy and yes, mature pets can still learn new tricks.

Reason#5 Mature pets love to love and be loved

Some people don’t consider adopting older pets because they assume something must be wrong with the pet if the original pet parent gave him/her away. But the reality is most of the time it has nothing to do with the pet at all. These fur babies get tossed to the side due to situations like the pet parent moved to a non pet-friendly apartment or pregnant and doesn’t want to share the baby’s attention with the pet. It’s sad but true!

Reason#6  No guessing on size

I’ve heard so many pet parents that say ” I didn’t know he was going to grow this big”. Isn’t it amazing how this cute tiny puppy that could fit in teacup is now bigger than you, this is a common mistake with puppies and even kittens like the Maine Coon but with adult pets there’s no guessing.

tip: the answer is in his paws, if your puppy’s paws are bigger than him, chances are he’s going to be a big dog.

Reason #7 Parenting instincts

Some adult cats and dogs take on a parenting role when it comes to the little ones in the household. They make it their purpose to look after the kids and protect them.