Companies nowadays are starting to take a less traditional approach to please their employees. Everything from comfy and dim lounges for napping during breaks to modern offices that offers a more casual and sociable atmosphere. With pawternity leave pet parents are rejoicing with this pawesome benefit package.

 Companies that offer pawternity leave

Yes you’ve read that right, “pawternity leave”. Employers finally received the memo that pets are family members too and that pet parents need time to get their fur baby settled in their new home. The following companies offers pawternity leave.
  • Mars Pet Care- 10 hours of paid leave plus you can bring your pet to work.
  • Bitsol solutions- offers a full week of paid time off.
  • Brew dog (Scottish brewery)- week of paid time off.

Some companies offer pet bereavement, paid time off when your pet passes away.

  • Kimpton Hotel & Restaurants- 3days leave.
  • Mars Inc.- 1 day and flexible hours.
  • VMware- flexible hours.
  • Maxwell health- flexible hours.
  • Trupanion- 1day leave
  • Shoppers drug mart(Canadian company)- days off.

If you’re not sure if your company offer these benefits contact your HR.

Life after leave

Once your pawternity leave runs out or if your employer doesn’t offer such benefits, your pet will still need attention and potty breaks while you’re working 40 hours or more a week. This is when a professional dog walker or pet sitter is needed. If you live in the New Orleans area 70115,70118,70130, or 70124 we would be delighted to help care for your fur kid. You can make a reservation for service by filling out the form below.
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